Triple Goddess plays huge, ass kicking, feel good Rock & Roll. Their hard-hitting, energetic sound stems from working class South Jersey roots and a wide array of influences spanning virtually every era of heavy rock music. Pure Power, the group's debut EP was released in July, 2016.  The band is currently making new music, playing shows and working hard to build on the foundation of their quickly growing fan base in 2017.

The 4-piece formed in the suburbs between Atlantic City, NJ and Philadelphia, PA. Growing up in the same town, Bobby Andrews (drums) and Matt Peterson (Guitar) played music and toured together as result of coming up in the same local music scene. Bobby was a longtime fan of Frank Sacco’s (Guitar/Vocals) singing and in early 2010 they had the opportunity to start jamming together. There was immediate chemistry and they went on to build a strong friendship that led to them working together on multiple projects that saw other members come and go while their partnership remained intact over the next 5 years. Frank's younger brother Joe Sacco (Bass) was eventually recruited to play Bass and join them in their new musical direction that would move forward under the name of Triple Goddess in 2015.

That summer, Bobby invited Matt to jam and show him what the group had been working on. Matt had a style that gelled perfectly with their sound and the group agreed that his technical skill-set and wizardly rock influence was the missing piece to their puzzle. After Matt joined the lineup, the band rented a house in upstate New York to continue building upon their chemistry and write. "Chosen One", the first song to be recorded for their debut EP was written along with handful of other song ideas that would be released later. 

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Jul 28, 2017
Roxy and Dukes
Dunellen NJ
Aug 18, 2017
Arlene's Grocery
New York NY

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